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The outbreak of war triggered a massive outbreak in the provinceenthusiasm. The popularity of statepower has increased, both higher and higher. local. It was not by chance that processions heldin Orel had Landmarks House Governor, Vice Governor, City Council. The participants sought tobe led by one of the persons involved in management of the province, their performances met withenthusiasm. During visits to the provincial center by August surname orlovchane demonstratedardent dvotion to royal power.

All this testified, from the point of view ofhigher authority, of sincere unity Emperor with his people, spontaneously born in extreme conditions of war, and served as a pledge of inner peace for the government and stability inthe rear of the battling army. At the same time, patriotic feelings carried on some shades, unnoticed by official authorities interpreting popular patriotism is definitely in its favor.Spontaneous patriotic the rise was more emotional than rational. World the war became anevent that made provincial life feel freshness and novelty.

Everyone could feel involved in theevents. European scale. In the atmosphere of the ideological crisis that prevailed in society since1907, the Great War became a kind of standard feelings and experiences. Through note in theOryol seal of the first military months, it’s thought that now the “real” begins “Real” life, in whichthere is no place for petty and artificial. The war brought diversity to the ordinary flow ofprovincial life, served for a wide range of provincial inhabitants primarily source of newexperiences.

It is the expectation of some important events born of war, was the leading motive of social activity. This thesis is confirmed by an analysis of the organizational side. patriotic demonstrations. Overwhelmingly, theybegan in the evening when the heat of the day was subsiding(and the summer of 1914 was 182 hot) and lasted until midnight. The demonstrationsmoved from the city the garden, whch was the traditional place of summer pastime ofcitizens, in accompanied by a brass band playing in the same city garden. Undoubtedly, crowdedprocessions along the main streets of the city, in summer twilight, with music, sanctified byreason, causing unanimous respect, and were just the event that gave birth in the soul of asimple citizen excited premonition something new and important that touched his life.