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Prayers, processions with portraits of the king and banners have become “symbolic” an expressionofpatriotism. Other forms can be called “effective”. it volunteering, material donations,assistance to the wounded. All this also took place in the Oryol province both in the firstmilitary months and in subsequent period. Simultaneously with the patriotic enthusiasm of massprocessions in The first days of the war manifested itself and the anarchic component of thepeople movements affecting the countryside.

As in many parts of Russia, in the Oryolprovince the outbreak of world war was marked by cases unrest mobilized. Thegeneral mobilization was announced by Russia on July 18, 1914, continuing after the entry of Russia into the First World War. Bythe subpoenas of the county military commanders,accompanied by conscripts relatives arrived in the county and city military presence. After uncomplicated medical boardmarching companies on foot and on carts they were heading to the formation of military units,where the trains took them to the front10.

A characteristic feature that colored the moodof draftees during first mobilization, there was an obsessive desire to go to war be sure toaccompany your farewell to your native places alcohol and conflicts arising on this basis with theauthorities. In order to 10 Eroshkin, A.N. Autocracy on the eve of the collapse M., 1969. P.120121. 183 the most organized and relaxed mobilization the initiative of local authorities wasoffered secretly under the cover of darkness take out liquor from state-owned wineries ofthe largest villages and places possible congestion designed to avoid massdrunkenness11.

A week later, the Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the Ministry Finance and Excise Department found it timely to issue decreeon the removal of wine fromthe shops on the path of military movement teams and the destruction ofwine and alcohol in the shops and warehouses in case the threat to its inviolability12. Taken government measures have brought some confusion to the minds of the masses called uponthe standards of warriors and militias, especially since mobilization in the n-Japanese war,nothing like this happened. The most persistent desire to get alcohol showed just visited in Manchuria, dragging along the rest. At the beginning of the mobilization in the province

There were a number of incidents of this kind.