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In rare cases, accepted taxes are disputed by the population as unreasonable. The complaints wereaddressed to the governor, who sent them to Provincial provincial and city affairs presence.Presence returned the fees to the City Duma for additional consideration71. In most cases,taxes were compiled and accepted at direct participation and on the instructions ofthe merchants themselves. When neglecting theiropinion the threat of stopping the delivery of products becoming a reality.

Despite their involvement in developing dachshunds, traders they were hostile to them, whichoften caused a deterioration in the quality products and their falsification. The most dangerousconsequence was reduction in the supply of products as a result of inconsistent taxation. Many merchants turned to sales “an acquaintance”, when the goods for tax There was nosale, but for good friends who are ready to pay money mutual agreement he was. The bread wassold at the set price, but less weight. At the bazaar, the worst meat pieces, separated, however,on I, II and III varieties, and the best were sold from under the counter wealthy”familiar” 72. To monitor the performance of taxes Elets

The City Council formed acommittee of six of its members, which should were to monitor trade in shopsand markets73. Introduced by each city on its own, prices hindered to commoditycirculation inside the province, when bread prices in consuming counties appointed equalprices for grain in the counties producing, making for private traders purchase unprofitable.Railway stations served as a source of food for many areas did not fall under   70 See,for example, OV-1915. 27 January; OJ.-1915.-14 January. 71 An example is the unsuccessfulattempt of the Liven bourgeois society to resist raising action of taxes, whichmade it difficult to purchase for urban merchants and interrupted batch of peasant bread.

Overtime, price regulation has been regarded as an obstacle to activities ofmarket mechanisms. The adverse effect of dachshunds on the position of the local market,the inability to enter District taxation and rationing of prices at the places ofproduction leads cities to the idea of abolishing local dachshunds, which achieved alarge provision of the city with essential goods. In Karachev in 1915, twice in June and Octobercanceled taxes to liven up the supply of essential goods by merchants74. AT InSeptember-November 1916, the taxes in Bolkhov 75 were suspended. Repeatedly appealed tothe governor with a request for temporary cancellation tax Maloarkhangelskoye city government,but this proposal is not deserved satisfaction76. In early September 1915, Oryol City Duma temporarily canceled the effect of taxes on firewood to revive the market and give Citizens can make fuel for the winter